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Roger is the complete expert package, bringing both analytical depth and first-rate testimonial skills to the table. Roger Ware, Alwington Economics Inc.
Dr. Roger Ware
Economics Inc.

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Kingston, ON K7L 4P9
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I am an academic affiliate with Analysis Group. Much of my consulting work is carried out in partnership with PhD staff economists in the Montreal office of Analysis Group. The services that I can provide, independently or in association with Analysis Group, include the following:

  • Economic analysis for litigation. The work begins with an economic analysis of the case at hand, which can be presented to the client and to counsel either orally or in the form of an internal report. If litigation proceeds, then my findings will form the basis of an expert report, filed with the Court or Tribunal. In the final stage I will testify to that report in a trial or hearing.
  • Competition analysis of merger transactions. These are often carried out prophylactically, in order to assess the impact of a potential transaction on competition, and to assess the probability of intervention by competition enforcement agencies. Such an analysis will compare the pre-merger market structure with the likely post-merger structure, and assess the competitive implications. An accurate and timely warning about intervention on competition grounds can be extremely valuable for a client contemplating a major transaction.
  • If a merger transaction goes ahead and is challenged on competition grounds (either by a government agency or through private litigation) I can provide expert economic analysis and testimony as per the first bullet above.
  • Economic analysis of regulatory issues. I can provide an economic analysis of proposed changes in the regulatory environment, either from the public interest perspective or from the perspective of a particular client. I have provided extensive economic advice to regulators and firms in the telecommunications and energy industries.
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