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Roger is the complete expert package, bringing both analytical depth and first-rate testimonial skills to the table. Roger Ware, Alwington Economics Inc.
Dr. Roger Ware
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Alwington Economics, Inc. is an economics consulting company that specializes in work on competition policy and regulation. The sole owner, Dr. Roger Ware, is a Professor of Economics at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada and has been providing consulting services in the competition and regulation area since 1993.

Dr. Ware has provided expert consulting in some of Canada's most prominent contested Competition cases. He was the testifying expert for Canada Pipe in 2004, the first victory (subsequently appealed and settled) by a respondent in an Abuse of Dominance case since the passage of the 1986 Competition Act. He was also a testifying expert for Canada Waste Services. Dr. Ware has provided expert consulting also in the Regulation field, including testifying on telecommunications policy at the CRTC and providing expert advice on energy policy. He has provided consulting for cases in many specialized industries, including telecommunications, energy and airlines.